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ECLA Custom Boats

Our Boats

Discover our range.

  • ECLA 29 Classique

    L : 9m - B : 2.9m - S : 40kn

  • ECLA 29 Open

    L : 9m - B : 2.9m - S : 45kn

  • ECLA 29 Ponte Bimoteur

    L : 9m - B : 2.9m - S : 40kn

  • ECLA 29 Bimoteur HB

    L : 9m - B : 2.9m - S : 45kn

  • ECLA 24 Classique

    L : 7.3m - B : 2.5m - S : 35kn

  • ECLA 29 Ponte Classique

    L : 9m - B : 2.5m - S : 40kn

  • ECLA 29 Classique Bimoteur

    L : 9m - B : 2.9m - S : 40kn

  • ECLA 29 Limousine

    L : 9m - B : 2.9m - S : 40kn

  • ECLA Sail 2000

    L : 6.80m - B : 2.40m

  • ECLA 40 Deserto

    L : 12.40m - B : 2.90m - S : 50kn

  • ECLA 22 Sport

    L : 7m - B : 2.50m - S : 45kn

  • Configurator ECLA

    Custom your own boat

  • Soon

    3D viewer of ECLA Boats range









Our Company


ECLA has been created for those who would like a boat to feel the difference, high quality materials, to sail the waves with elegance. Clients will be the centre of our philosophy. ECLA mix your desire with its experience, knowledge and expertise, along with a passion of the sea.

ECLA has a high competitive standing. Our exceptional boats can be real thanks to the skills and craftmanship coming from this shipyard.


Our Team

Meet the ECLA Team



Exequiel CANO LANZA worked as the architect of Couach Yacht for 15 years before founding his own cabinet. CLYD group is based on the idea to propose a new vision of yachting with singles boats like the ECLA range.

CLYD -Cano Lanza Yacht Design- is a studying design agency which work with clients to give a personal touch in terms of layout, equipment, design and visual appearance.

Our Services

Tell us your draft.

From idea to model

Our team will help you to put your ideas on paper to create your boat. A designer will work with you to include your expectations.

Your own boat

With our design agency, we'll give you the possibility to customize your boat to how you like in terms of layout, materials, etc ...

Completion of your project

Our objective is to realize your concept and help create and build a boat to completion. From paper to shipyard. We will work with you all the way.

Company Story

  • August 2008

    New Beginnings

    With the desire to offer high quality and accessible to individual vessels, the concept of ECLA is started. The idea of a high-performance boat design and quality born while maintaining a classic style.

  • July 2010

    Ecla Launch the 1st model

    The classic model launched, Ecla present the OPEN version, that will be realized 1 year after, and PONTE version with an option of two in-board engine configuration.

  • February 2014

    Ecla Expand the possibilities

    With the new brand ECLA CUSTOM BOATS, thanks to CLYD GROUP and COUACH YACHT, can make real more project with the integrated studio CLYD.

  • January 2015

    E.C.B. open the world to...

    ... a new ideas lines -Luxury Edition -Sport Edition -Lifestyle Accessory, with an all new Logo based on CLYD Group Philosophy, the re styled alphabetical flags.

Contact Us

In the center of Bassin d'Arcachon, easy access from Bordeaux, our studio situated in front of the principal harbour.

Pôle Nautisme Arcachon, Quai Goslar

33120 Arcachon, FRANCE.

+33 (0)5 35 54 13 08

  +33 (0)6 13 42 46 71